Electric Pallet Jack 3300 lb Capacity

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Lithium – Electric Pallet Truck
The PTE33N (The Edge 33) 3,300lb capacity, lithium electric pallet truck eliminates operator fatigue, struggling, backaches and injuries. Greatly increase your work productivity with this economical, quiet, very low maintenance, ultra-smooth, fully electric pallet jack. It is the ideal choice for delivery and retail operations.
Ergonomic and robust, this electric pallet truck has a maintenance-free lithium battery with one-hand removal and a tight turning radius. Perfect for applications within confined spaces like elevators, trailers, containers, and mezzanines warehouses.PTE33N-Edge-Lithium-Electric-Pallet-Truck-Noblelift

The 3,300 lbs capacity NOBLELIFT Edge Fully Electric Pallet Jack comes standard with a 24V/20Ah maintenance-free Lithium battery. It has a fast charging capabilities which works as easy as a hand pallet truck without special attention to the maintenance as other electric pallet trucks. The batteries also have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

It features a 7” lift height and has a compact designe gives you the benefit of an electric pallet jack in almost the same size of a manual one. It’s perfect equipment for many types of material handling. Features an electric raise/lower as well as forward/reverse.

It features a short body length combines with its short turning radius around 2” making it the perfect tool for confined spaces, narrows aisles or any material handling scenario that requires mobility in tight and narrow areas it will surely get the job done.

Due to its minimal size and service weight, the Electric Pallet Truck is ideal for material handling tasks done in retail stores, elevators, business centers and can even be used delivering or transporting loads.

The Electric Pallet Truck is built with flexibility and versatility in mind, having a movable ergonomic tiller supported by an air spring with soft grips allowing you to work with it comfortable. The Pallet Jack can be used even if the tiller is at its vertical position. All operational buttons of the pallet jack are conveniently located in the tiller making it easy for the user to reach and operate the equipment.

The Fully-Powered Pallet Jack is equipped with a robust steel fork measuring 45.3” long and 21” or 27” wide depending on the model you choose. The fork’s unique design and size allow you to quickly go in and out from pallets and skids smoothly provides a solid platform with good weight distribution allowing you to carry all sorts of cargo even when running on ramps.

NOBLELIFT guarantees that their new and innovative Electric Pallet Jack is made out of high quality parts and components. The wheels are made out of Polyurethane and offers great maneuverability with multi-surfaced capabilities allowing you to use the pallet jack indoors or outdoors. It also has stability casters for added mobility and stability.

Also available as a 4,500 lbs capacity Fully-Electric Pallet Truck with Lithium Ion Batteries.

Also Available is the PTE33N 4500 lb

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Other Features:

  • The tiller of the truck with ergonomic design has soft grips for comfortable daily operation.
  • Tiller of the truck is supported by the air spring allowing it to return smoothly to its vertical position
  • All buttons are big and can be easily reached by operators even while wearing gloves
  • Comes with an Integrated PIN code panel with LCD display for smart control and operation
  • Speed reduction feature at different angles as well as function of active tiller in its up-right position
  • Can be fully operated with the tiller in the vertical position, allowing the operator to work in confined areas such as elevators, trailers and narrow aisles
  • The frame of truck is surrounded by stamped steel elements making the truck looking different and also ensuring protection of components
  • The forks unique design offers for an easy entrance and exit from pallets. Their full length double sided C-shape reinforcement increases significantly the strength and rigidity of the frame
  • The strong steel apron protects the operator’s feet during work and secures the truck’s components from collisions with objects.
  • Strong and compact structure of chassis helps to ensure long life-time of the truck, without sacrificing the truck’s wright or putting under question the strength of the frame
  • Capable of overcoming ramps up to 4/16% (laden/unladen) making it suitable for work in loading docks and on delivery operations
  • The minimized service weight of only 123 kg or 272 lbs makes it ideal to be used for delivery Lorries with tail lifts platforms for goods distributions without sacrificing the transported weight.
  • Provides the shortest turning radius with lifted/lowered forks and makes the truck extremely compact and ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Comes standard with Polyurethane wheels with stability casters for exceptional maneuverability
  • Equipped with a 24V/20Ah maintenance-free Lithium battery with its fast charging and opportunity charging features
  • The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) controls all important parameters and performance of lithium battery.
  • Smart battery positioning and lock for great fixation and safety
  • Socket on battery case for easy battery charging without necessity to take the battery out.
  • Fast and opportunity charging during breaks in operations which improves working time.
  • Battery comes with a 2 year’s manufacturer warranty
  • Maintenance friendly allowing convenient and fast access to any component of the truck, as all elements are easy to reach requiring no special tools.
  • No hoses or pipes used in the hydraulic lifting circuit which significantly improves reliability and reduces the amount of potential problems relate to leakage through connectors or their seals.
  • The truck has Curtis controller and CAN-bus technology makes the diagnostic and troubleshooting easier
  • Amount of working hours shown at the tiller helps to follow the maintenance schedule
  • Authorized reseller of NOBLELIFT’s highly demanded Electric Pallet Jack guaranteeing high quality drives and components
  • Weight Capacity: 3,300 lbs
  • Single Fork Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 6.3”W x 45.3”L x 1.85”H
  • Overall Fork Dimensions (Width x Length): 21” or 27”W x 45.3”L
  • Length to Face of Forks: 15.2”
  • Maximum Lift Height: 7.5”
  • Lowered Height: 3.15”
  • Load Centre Distance: 23.6”
  • Wheelbase: 46.8”
  • Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbase: 1.3”
  • Turning Radius: 52.6”
  • Overall Dimensions (Width x Length x Height): 21 or 27”W x 60.6”L x 55”H
  • Tire Type: Polyurethane
  • Front Tire Size (Diameter x Width): 8.27”D x 2.76”W
  • Rear Tire Size (Diameter x Width): 3.15”D x 3.66”W
  • Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen: 2.85/2.98 mph
  • Lift Speed, Laden/Unladen: 3.93/4.92 in/s
  • Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladen: 9.8/7.9 in/s
  • Maximum Gradeability, Laden/Unladen: 5/16 %
  • Type of Drive: DC Speed Control
  • Controller Type: Curtis with CAN-bus technology
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Nominal Capacity: 24V/20Ah
  • Drive Motor Rating: 0.87 HP
  • Lift Motor Rating: 0.67 HP
  • Weight: 272 lbs

Detailed Specs

Location:Landmark Equipment 7625 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, Or. 97218Condition:New
Model:PTE33NBase Capacity:3300
Fork Length:45"Category:Pallet Jacks
Featured:YesTruck Status:Available
Inventory Type:Forklift