Standard Pallet Jack HJ5500 Pallet Truck $325

Pallet Jack Rental


  • Quality Standard Pallet Jacks
  • Load capacity 5,500lbs
  • Heavy steel gauge construction
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump
  • Polyurethane load wheels provide a smooth ride
  • Tapered fork tips with entry rollers for easy entry and exit
  • Three position ergonomic handle design
  • All units supplied with wrench for installation, parts book and user’s guide
  • 3 mm thickness frame
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • 1 year warranty on hydraulic unit by replacement
  • Contact us today
  • Pallet truck basic operation
Pallet Jack ModelSteer / Load Wheel configurationCapacityTruck WidthFork Length
SYHJ-5500Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500 lb27"48"
SYHJ-5501Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500 lb20.5"48"
SYHJ-5504Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500 lb21.5" 48"
SYHJ-5505Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500 lb27"36"
SYHJ-5510Poly Steer Tandem Poly Load5500 lb27"48"
SYHJ-5510LPPoly Steer Single Poly Low Profile3300 lb27"48"
SYHJ-5535Steel Steer Single Steel Load5500 lb27"48"

Industrial Pallet Jack TSP55 Pallet Truck $495



  • Quality Industrial Pallet Jacks
  • Load capacity 5,500lbs
  • Top class range of pallet jack trucks with an excellent design
  • Reliable, sturdy, torsion-resistant due to its extremely strong high quality steel frame
  • All pivot points are greased ensuring excellent maneuverability with effortless steering
  • Option of single and tandem fork rollers
  • Additional entry and exit fork rollers guarantee maximum stability and safety for transporting goods
  • Galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump make for a quality pallet jack
  • Ergonomically designed 3 position handle with comfortable rubber grip allows for optimized safety
  • 4 mm metal thickness frame
  • 3 year pump warranty
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • Contact us today
  • Pallet Truck basic operation
TSP5500Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5501Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)21.5" (55cm)48" (122cm)
TSP5503Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm)42" (107cm)
TSP5504Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)21" (53cm)42" (107cm)
TSP5505Poly Steer Single Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm)36" (91cm)
TSP5510Poly Steer Tandem Poly Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5510LPPoly Steer Single Poly Low Profile3300lb (1496 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5515Nylon Steer Single Nylon Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 36" (91cm)
TSP5520Nylon Steer Single Nylon Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5530Nylon Steer Tandem Nylon Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5535Steel Steer Single Steel Load5500lb (2495 kg)27" (69cm) 48" (122cm)
TSP5540Nylon Steer Single Nylon Load5500lb (2495 kg)21" (53cm)48" (122cm)